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  • Types of acrylic sheet

    There are many types of acrylic sheet specifications。Common plates are: transparent plate, dyed transparent plate, color plate;Special board: bathroom board, cloud board, mirror board, sandwich board, hollow board, impact board, flame retardant board, super wear-resistant board, surface pattern board, frosted board, pearlescent board, metal effect board and so on。Different performance, different...

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  • The emergence and development of Taian advertising company

    With the development of the newspaper communication industry, early forms of advertising companies appeared in Europe and the United States。 In the United States, Volney B. Palmer started advertising for newspapers and opened an advertising agency in Philadelphia in 1841。In many writings, Palmer's...

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  • Precautions for advertising film production

    Tai 'an advertising production which is good, Tai 'an long Qi advertising is very good。 Compared with other publicity methods, advertising films have a stronger impact and wider coverage, can display enterprise products more image, and can attract the attention of contemporary consumers with the combination of audiovisual publicity...

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  • Taian outdoor advertising reform in 2018

    The outdoor advertising industry will evolve rapidly。This ancient form of advertising has seen a significant change: the spread across digital platforms and data sources is changing the feel of the industry。The number of digital screens will increase significantly - due to a number of factors, including changing cities...

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  • Large outdoor advertising production method

    Tai 'an billboard production choice long Qi advertising large outdoor advertising effect is outstanding, the audience is more, need to be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the production and installation, play a good advertising role。1, understand customer needs to make advertising, whether large or small, whether outdoor or indoor, should be with customers...

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  • Floor-to-ceiling double-sided lettering

    Commercial complex has become an important part of the city, it covers retail, catering, residential, hotel, entertainment, office and other facilities, commercial complex usually exists in a luxury building complex, located in the city zone。Anyone who's ever visited a commercial complex like this...

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  • Tai 'an billboard rules and approval

    Tai 'an billboard production rules and approval long T advertising tell you rule 1.The downstream process orders the product according to the exact quantity written on the billboard。 2.The upstream process produces the product in the exact quantity and order indicated on the billboard。3.No billboards, no production or transport...

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  • Tai 'an billboard production to find which

    In Taian billboard production, graphics can attract people's attention, so graphic design is especially important in outdoor advertising design。Its design is completely different from the advertising copy design of newspapers and other media, because people cannot have more time to read in the flow state, so outdoor advertising copy...

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