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Taian outdoor advertising reform in 2018

The outdoor advertising industry will evolve rapidly。This ancient form of advertising has seen a significant change: the spread across digital platforms and data sources is changing the feel of the industry。

The number of digital screens will increase significantly - due to a number of factors, including changes in city government legislation and significantly lower cost production of LED large screens。 

Outfront and Intersection, two major providers of outdoor advertising, have announced plans to steadily roll out digital screens in major cities across the country。Intersection's "Link" project will transform the visual image of New York City neighborhoods: widely implemented Wi-Fi hotspots are replacing corner phone booths, all supported by advertising revenue from large digital screens。 

2.There will be new developments beyond targets。The outdoor advertising planning system will combine data sources, including mobile operator data, online browsing behavior and consumer purchase history。  

Marketers will be able to use outdoor advertising to target small, specific people on the move。In an election year, presidential campaigns will use location data from one party voting and customer relationship management to target voters。 

3.Real-time outdoor advertising transactions will steadily increase, and more outdoor vendor inventory will be integrated into demand-side platforms。The format has the ability to deliver to target consumers in real time based on historical locations that have previously led to automotive, travel and retail advertising testing the waters。In 2016, expect more marketers to expand their real-time enthusiasm, including outdoor advertising。  

4.Outdoor advertising is about to get smarter as forward-thinking brands take advantage of Internet-connected screens, face/object recognition and the growth of external data sources。Will the harmony of art and science lead to self-optimization of outdoor advertising creativity based on how people react。  

Dynamic content, triggered by data sources, has enabled advertisers to change the mood of external creative conditions based on real-time, including customer relationship management data, weather, sports scores, traffic, and social media。  

General Motors regularly incorporates dynamic ideas into outdoor advertising based on a large number of data sources;For example, when the temperature drops below 42 degrees Fahrenheit, the heated steering wheel idea is shown。

5.Adoption of beacons focused on analytics will grow。Smart marketers will leverage Bluetooth Low Energy devices (Beacons) to collect data to add a better understanding of consumer behavior in stores。 

Large retailers including Macy's have launched Beacons through their network of stores, which provide a wealth of valuable data, such as popular products and channels, and the right to track a store's promotional register。

6.Out-of-home advertising will become a core part of combining social and mobile strategies, and we'll see more out-of-home campaigns。

As an extension of its hugely successful "Share a Coke" campaign, Coca-Cola launched a digital advertising integration in Times Square that combines large digital billboards, Google search data, mobile and social media to create a call to action。 

7.Outdoor advertising will begin to be seen as a medium of direct response。As card-free payments, including Twitter payments and mobile payments, have increased traction for merchants, consumer adoption has increased significantly beyond early adopters。

"Cardless" contactless mobile payments are booming, Forrester expects them to more than double this year, and in the next five years, mobile payments in the U.S. alone are expected to grow from $52 billion in 2014 to $142 billion in 2019 。

Along the consumer trajectory, outdoor advertising will increase its relevance as a major brand awareness driver, and form can now be a tool to harness real-time purchasing。 

8.The advertising industry is set to respond to the pressure as marketers become more sensitive to digital AD visibility and AD blocking。 

The Outdoor Advertising Association's recent #Feel The Real campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of outdoor advertising as a viewable medium。It is expected that with increasing censorship across all media channels, startups engaged in media monitoring will also increase。

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